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should go back to the table to reduce the deficit, grow the economy, create jobs, end the sequester. revenue needs to be on the table. >> revenue needs to be on the table. and they have a record amount of revenue. i guess you might want to check out this number. asking taxpayers for a higher number when the government has brought in a record amount of taxes as things stand, $2.8 trillion this past year. half of that was from just charles payne. what do you think, charles? we need more money? >> thank you, charles. >> this thing, this great utopian country of fairness in the sky, costs a lot of money. it costs a lot of money. if we're going to take a u.s. congressman and subsidize his health care insurance because he a's 33-year-old man, it costs a lot of money. but here's the thing. it's an insatiable appetite. the more you feed the beast, the more the beast wants. that is ultimately killing this country. killing it. >> that has nothing to do with what i asked, but i'm afraid to counter what you just said. for you it's another issue. >> well, his point being that that's the last thi
is the debt clock. here it comes. there it goes. do you see the numbers? the deficit fell to $680 billion, the first time in five years it went under a trillion. how do you balance awful that debt, that big number with the deficit going down? they say the deficit will go up. how do they finally solve this? >> well, republicans and some democrats also say that entitlements are going to have to be dealt with in some capacity because of the baby boom generation. the debt clock could get higher in years to come. one way or another medicare and social security at some point will have to be dealt with. the interesting thing here, eric is in the first term on the debt fights, president obama was really leading the charge. this time around it is harry reid and nancy pelosi and less so president obama. they both said, listen, we are not going to be dealing on social security, at least not at this stage. they are insisting on new tax revenues. that's the rub. i don't think there will beal re soon. there will be another showdown that goes down to the wire. >> you talk about entitlements. some peopl
the deficit. that is one of the biggest whoppers among a bunch of lies, but the biggest whopper is president obama saying it would reduce the deficit. i think it will add trillions to the deficit. >> we have been following it. remember, they said it would be so easy to use. premiums would decrease. we know that is not true either. you can keep your doctor. if you like your plan you can keep your plan. it will only be $900 billion. tell me if i'm wrong in my analysis, senator. i see that the president pretty much had three options. once, this was the holy grail for the left for a long time. progressives have wanted this for a long time. but if they knew the truth about the effects, that it wouldn't garner enough votes in congress. so they had three choices, the first was to tell the truth and push for the program anyway, the second was to change the program and address the concerns, and the third would be to lie. >> i think as disengene disinge nicer way of saying a lie, they say if you're going to lose your insurance, you lose your plan. he said no, if you have your doctor, you have your ins
word, bob. >> not as strong as a lie. >> this would not add a dime to the deficit. in fact it was founding out this would add $180 billion to the deficit in the first ten years. another mistruth by the president. >> and it being $1.8 trillion so he was tenfold off. honestly that sound bite, i forgot about stephanopolous when obama insisted obama care wasn't going to be a tax. if you didn't have obama care you wouldn't be taxed and the only way for it to become a law is for the supreme court to go around the constitution and call it a tax. >> where did you get your trillion figure from? >> $1.8 trillion. and by guess, bob, it will be at least double that amount. >> let me ask you this, bob, name one entitlement that's actually saved money ever. >> they're not meant to save money. >> this was supposed to save us money, remember? >> you don't know whether it's going to do it or not. >> another lie, the president said this would actually lower premiums by $2500. remember this? >> we estimate we can cut average family's premium by about $2500 per year. i am actually not interest
of the aspects of the law, because, in part, it added hundred of billions to the deficit that wasn't paid for unlike the affordable care act which will actually help lower the deficit, but -- but you know what, once it was the law, everybody pitched in to try to make it work. democrats weren't about to punish millions of seniors just to try to make a point or settle a score, so democrats worked with republicans to make it work. and i'm proud of democrats for having done that. it was the right thing to do. because now -- because now about 90% of seniors like what they have. they've gotten a better deal. both parties working together to get the job done. that's what we need in washington right now. that's what we need in washington right now. you know, republicans in congress were as eager to help americans get coverage, as some republican governors have shown themselves to be, we would make a lot of progress. i'm not asking them to agree with me on everything. but if they'd work with us like mitt romney did, working with democrats in massachusetts, or like ted kennedy often did with republ
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that they said this was supposed to reduce the deficit. this is going to cost us $2.6 trillion. i think they always knew that. i think they never believed that obama care was not going to cost anything. that on the face of it was totally unbelievable and the interesting thing was that they got a government agency to score this as a savings, but now as people are looking at this, they know it may cost a couple of trillion dollars. >> we were mentioning, the president is going to be in massachusetts. last week, this is a live shot of where he is going to be. last week he diverted and talked about immigration and that went nowhere. now he is talking about health care on the same day. what do you make of it? >> i think he will show up and say i'm going to get you better health care. you will lose your doctor and your insurance but you are going to get better insurance. the best insurance is what the consumer wants. it is what the patient wants and what the americans should get to choose. really, what this is, is about taking freedom away from patients to choose who their bach t bach t docto
in the country, that's not true. he said it would not add a dime to the deficit. instead, sure it does, it borrows half a trillion dollars from the medicare which is going broke and is running out of money and has no money to lend and uses that to fund this thing. he said he would never raise taxes on anybody who made less than $250,000 a year. yet, the bill is funded by half a trillion dollars in taxes on medical device companies, drug companies, hospitals, healthcare providers and insurance policies all of those costs will be passed on to people who make less than $250,000 a year and more than $250,000 a year and happen to be sick. a lot of sick people, people who need a medical device or drug, a lot of those people make less than $250,000 a year. >> well, what's so disheartening to he me, karl, is you i really want the american people who are sick to get access to medical care. i really do. and to put a bum program up, all it does is sets us back so much further. we really did need to do something about our healthcare system. people are hurting in this country and we needed to fix i
on this with the panel. thank you. >>> late this afternoon, we learned the federal deficit has fallen below the $1 trillion mark for the first time in five years. the government says the figure for fiscal 2013 is $680.3 billion. on wall street today, the dow lost 62. the s&p 500 slipped nine.the da. up next, why the obama administration does not want you to hear what happened in the benghazi terror attacks from the people who were there. >>> first, here's what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight. fox 13 in tampa with theparen ps of a missing soldier asking the ph public for help. he was last seen thursday in sarasota. in boston, getting ready for game six of the world series. it took the st. louis cardinals a long time to get to beantown. the plane apparently was stuck at the st. louis airport for seven hours yesterday. >> and this is a live look at new york from wnyw, our affiliate there. the big story there tonight, consider raising the legal smoking age to 21. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back. [ male announcer
in the slowest rate in 50 years. we have cut our deficits by more than half since i tock office and they keep going down. we have pursued an all or above energy strategy and we are producing more traditional energy and more renewable energy and more natural gas than anyone in the world and we have cut our carbon pollution in the process. so while the case for doing business in america is strong, we have made it stronger. and of course, you will find no better workers than american workers. our productivity is rising. we have the world's best universities. it is most innovative entrepreneurs and we have the strongest intellectual property protections to go along with a rule of law that matches up with anyone. and thanks in part to a new initiative focused on export and it is new trade agreements i signed we sell more products made in america to the rest of the world than before. you heard repeatedly today and hear undoubtedly after i leave the stage, america is open for business. and businesses are responding. you know, after a decade in which many jobs left the united states to go overseas, n
deficits and costing far more than people realize. it's hard for me to see any good news that's going to come out of. >> this we have to wait and see. pat, thank you. always nice to see. >> you good talking with you. >> this is a fox news alert. shep smith is in the fox news desk with breaking news. shep? >>> greta halloween evening and severe weather across the deep south from new orleans all the way up the state of mississippi and this entire red box is watches and warnings for mississippi. a short time ago a report of a tornado on the ground in summit county, mississippi. this is the state capitol of jackson. little town of mcgee. little state. right here south of the national forest. summit county. >> very rural area. very careful out there tonight, parents as you are with your kids. few were with us in the last hour, we have been following the story of a terrible school bus accident that's happened in the state of kansas. the place is douglass, kansas, which is east and south of wichita. they have a big map of it on the wall now. a school bus is going over a roadway with a small
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a double-digit deficit or a nine-point deficit to a three-point deficit during the span of a week. why? no question about it, it's obamacare. and fact that his opponent backs it. so this has real electoral consequences, and democrats who weren't behind the law to begin with, when they see poll numbers like that and results like this in virginia and these things happening, they're going to tell mr. president that they would rather not grind it out. martha: yeah. looked like terry mcauliffe was going to clobber cucinelli in virginia. if that race is even very tight in the end, it's going to send a signal that, no doubt, a lot of democrats are going to be watching closely across the country. chris, thank you so much. have a great day, have a great weekend. and sign up for chris' daily political newsletter, fox news first. go to and just put your e-mail address in there, and you will et request it -- get it. so what do you think about all of this at home, folks? what do you think about the six people? send me a tweet @marthamaccallum and chime in, let us know what
-dollar deficit question mark right now. is that coming out of medicare? no this is totally understandable. 30 years ago healthcare law $13 trillion, greta. we can't afford it. >> i truly believe we have got to get medical care to everybody, but i am trying to figure out where the money is coming from. that's my concern about it we will see what happens to your bill. get more democratic support beside mary landrieu. >> i'm optimistic that we can pass this thing and on to promise that president obama made to million of americans. >> packers will win this weekend, right. >> absolutely. >> kathleen sebelius testifying she was clearly wrong to give it the green light. upton heading up today's hearing. is he here next. can you hash it out with us was secretary sebelius right to take the blame for the rollout or is the secretary responsible. tweet us using #greta. it was a . it was a . and t the kind of attention wanted. so i had a serus talk with my dermatologt about my treatment options. this time, she prescribed humira-adalimumab. humira helps tclear the surface of my skin by actuallrking inside
deficit. of course, congress is going to be talking about it soon. in the last fiscal year, it was cut in half, a five-year low. but we're still looking at a debt of $17 trillion. >> absolutely. i mean, you really hit on it, $17 trillion is the only number in there that counts. the ups and downs year to year barely make a dent in that number. i remember when it was $6 trillion and we thought it was a lot. that wasn't very long ago. this $17 trillion number looks insurmountable at this point, and it's making our creditors around the world nervous about lending even more money to us. you know, it puts pressure on our dollar. it's a dangerous thing in the long run. and unless we get real entitlement spending under control, these year-to-year ups and downs are not going to make a big dent in that $17 trillion. >> what about the unemployment rate, 7.2%, two points higher than when president obama took office, but still a lot of people out of work. >> absolutely. you heard the president in that speech that you had at the top. he was saying we've created 7 million jobs, our good companies hav
be insufficient to handle it and the deficit will go up. >> we're told of those who have enrolled thus far and obviously six is the number from the first day. obviously it's gone up and the president himself used the term thousands. when they say thousands they couldn't say tens of thousands but a week or so ago. now we expect they have more people because the medicaid portion is swelling. vast proportion is medicaid. who pays for that. aren't we supposed to be getting money for that from the young, healthy people who are signing up for the exchanges whose money we'll take and who will be easy to insure. >> look medicaid is second class health care. most doctors will not accept medicaid patients. the reimbursement rates are too low. it's like getting a lottery ticket to get health care. it's not health care. when we get this first range of numbers people who apply medicaid far out strips those who applied for private insurance plans. private insurance plans are going to be better care, they are going to give you access to more doctors, better, higher quality facility, are going to be willi
federal deficit. >> julian, i have toil, president obama, unequivocally said this will not be a tax increase. he looked the american people in the eye in fact he was sitting down with george stephanopoulos it isn't a tax. it was never a tax. it's the law. his words. turns out, i agree with you it's a tax. >> certainly there is no question. nobody ever debated the fact that you had things you had the medical equipment tax you had capital gains rate going up for certain people. the point here is that out of a pool of 60 million people we are clearly going to get far more than 7 million people entering into this. look back -- >> -- in your opinion. i have to leave it there real question for me is if they can't get a web site up and running in three years how in the world are they going to handle billions and billions going through that medical portal going forward? julian we have to leave it there. >> thank you. >> next on the ruppdown, ed henry on the political fallout from the botched obama carrollout. and then the president is taking heat from world leaders over the spying, nsa spyi
that it would explode the deficit. and yet all the reputable organizations like the congressional budget office have told us that it is going to save us $100 billion over 10 years. so we've had a litany of objections from the republicans about the affordable care act which have driven them to such a frenzy they even closed the government! so now we have you before the committee. and you're being asked, i suppose later, you will be asked about the website but let me pursue this question about individuals who have gotten notices that they're going to have their individual insurance policies canceled. they will be able to get another plan, won't they. >> actually it is the law they must get another plan. continuous coverage is part of the law. >> so -- >> that wasn't the case in the past. >> so the affordable care act said we're going to end the worst abuses of insurance companies. we're going to create consumer protections in the marketplace they will be able to buy a policy even if they have been sick in the past. that women won't be charged more than men. that we'll not let insurance companies
, it would not impact the deficit. would actually cut the deficit. jon: he is starting to take the heat from that. real quickly voters are saying pox on both your houses. people's opinions of the democratic party down at 43%. republican party at 30%. back a year ago, september of 2012, 50% liked the democrats, 43% liked republicans. so the republican party has taken a bigger hit but both parties are down. >> the republican party has taken a bigger hit i think you will see the pendulum take back boehner will keep the house. if you look in the senate more democrats are up for re-election. some of those democrats coming from red states. mary landrieu in louisiana, kay hagen in north carolina. i think you will see a sea of change where republicans take over the senate. jon: doesn't get much more personal than your health care. people will translate what is happening now the way they vote. >> you're exactly right and they will vote their pocketbook when they go to the polls. right now people are suffering living paycheck to paycheck and there is no leadership in washington, d.c. jon: angela mcglo
't understand why they're intervening when it comes to required reading. >> give a $100 million deficit in philadelphia, they are intervening because they do this all the time. they don't want to fix the basic problem. they get distracted. they are pretty radical and that is why they went into this book. >> radical. howard zinn's writings included ideas of socialism. you were wise enough to question one of the council women on this, genie blackwell. you asked her when you interviewed her, he's an apologist for fidel castro. why should this be required reading? what did she have to say? >> she said essentially in the interview what's wrong with castro? he must be doing something right. otherwise he wouldn't stay in power this long. she also said people's parents like marco rubio's who fled, he said let's be for equality, white, black and brown and these people didn't want equality. that is why they went to the united states. >> i want to throw out a couple of quotes we have on him. he said, quote, how can you have a war on terrorism when war itself is terrorism? talking about civil disob
not believe that the system as currently tooled is workable. i think a this will add enormously to the deficit and i hate to say that, but it becomes clear now, because people are going to resist paying this brand-new tax and particularly the young and healthy. they're going to say why are you -- i'm already struckling. look how high unemployment is among my demographic is anyway. how unhappy i am with you old folks telling you what i have to do and now i have to buy this when i don't need it. if only we had kept our powder do i and waited until the launch, waited until the failure and then complain. >> all became political. and the president's poll numbers are dropping. the headline in the new york post today, go frisk yourself. we've got this stop and frisk policy here in new york city. many have said that it's one of the reasons the crime is so low here, including the guy who wants to be the next mayor says i would get rid of it. the good news for people, if you like it, apparently the judge who ruled on this has been booted and the federal monitors for this have been put on hold. >> ray ke
. whatever you consider his management style, we're more concern about the budget deficit, passing the budget, passing the debt ceiling issue and getting government back to work again and getting health care straight. so i know that this is,in', another condrived issue by the only on people whose approval rating is lower than the president, toous congress. >> but he has said he was unaware. this is a conservative's dream, though. if you don't agree with obama, you want him playing golf, don't you? >> this has been the narrative of the white house is that he's been the bystander. he didn't know the website wasn't ready. he didn't know we were spying on angela merkel. this is what's coming out of the white house. and i have to disagree, respectfully, with the reverend. this has been a consistent critique from the left and the white. during the syria crisis three months ago, it was maureen dowd, it was dana millbank from the washington post who called the president a bystander. so this is nothing new. it's been fairly consistent and it has emerged because of his consistent governing style of cre
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)